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Original Equipment Manufacturing

Cloyes Gear is a high volume gear and sprocket manufacturer supplying to OEM's including General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford, BMW and Nissan. We have established this position through quality, engineering, manufacturing and superior customer service. In addition to timing drive components, Cloyes produces powdered metal parts for applications such as automotive transmissions.

Our plants produce parts from wrought materials such as steel forgings and iron castings, as well as powdered metal. We specialize in sprockets and components, and are well positioned to handle the industry trend toward shifting the design, the testing and the validation of systems to the supplier.

As the marketplace has changed and expanded, so too has Cloyes in its wide range of manufactured products and services. With production of more than 150 OEM parts, Cloyes knowledge and expertise is evident in the high quality and cost effectiveness of each component. Our annual production of gears and sprockets exceeds 20 million.

Our in-house capabilities allow for the necessary agility and flexibility required for today's manufacturing demands. Precision is maintained through computer-aided design, state-of-the-art inspection and advanced testing procedures. You can trust the Cloyes support team of professionals for total dedication and a solid commitment of producing the very best products.

Our sales and technical liaison office, in Metro Detroit, is close to the automotive OEM technical centers for quick, precise communications, to achieve efficient program management, and excellent customer service.