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Powdered Metal Capabilities

Agility and Flexibility. As customers develop new challenges, Cloyes Gear is poised to offer engineering solutions. Our vast experience in a variety of machined products has led to innovations in the powdered metal arena. As the industry demands components with minimum weight and optimum performance requirements, Cloyes stands ready and able to provide creative answers to tomorrow's questions.

With press sizes ranging from 60 to 825 tons, Cloyes delivers the perfect team approach combining decades of machining experience with the latest in PM technology. Our complete powdered metal facilities enable us to execute conventional PM and secondary operations in-house, including heat treating and grinding, thus taking high-volume powdered metal components to new standards of excellence. Over half of the material processed at Cloyes features warm compaction technology making Cloyes the number one independent user of this technique that increases the density and mechanical properties of the PM product. Our professionals select the proper materials and densities to give our customers cost-effective solutions.

With an ever-changing marketplace and increased challenges, our in-house technology ensures greater quality and maintains cost efficiency. As lightweight, high-strength engine components impact industry, Cloyes has all the necessary ingredients in place to conquer today's obstacles and set the pace for tomorrow's innovations.

  • Materials: Iron, phosphorous iron, nickel/copper/steel add-mix, pre-alloyed, copper infiltrated
  • Press capacity: Up to 825 tons (10 presses)
  • Densities: to 7.5 grams/cc
  • Warm compaction
  • Physical: Conventional structural to ultra-high density (UHD)
  • Sintering: Hydrogen/Nitrogen 15 continuous mesh belt furnaces
  • Hardening: In-House Induction, batch (carburize, carbonitride)
  • Secondary operations: All traditional machining, grinding, sizing, vibratory finishing, steam treating, CNC multi spindle auto load, automated deburring and surface/ID grinding